Left or Right

What is the difference between Left or Right wing policies?

In this video I used the technique of Concept Modeling to explain my personal understanding about this concepts.

I strongly recommend everyone to understand the pros and cons of each side and to avoid extremist positions. The best way is on the search for a balance.

You may have a different understanding on this subject. Please share your perspective in the comments bellow. I will be glad to hear from you.

Thanks to my friend Phil Schol by the revision on the English version.

What is Business Analysis?

I published this video in 2013 to explain BA to C-Level.

BABOK Guide was there in version 2 (now 3 since 2015), but the message in the video still remains relevant.

The voice you hear is from my friend Maureen McVey and the logo is from my company in Brazil, Gigante Consultoria. It took seven years until I decide to create more videos in English using the brand #thebrazilianba.

About the Business Analysis: The discipline of Business Analysis develops in professionals the ability to analyze a problem from multiple perspectives and consider several possible solutions based on a realistic cost-benefit analysis, consistent with the organization’s strategic vision.

The main focus of BA is to ensure the return on investments in projects undertaken in organizations using appropriate techniques to identify and analyze problems and to propose the most appropriate solution for each situation.

To play well the role of Business Analyst, a professional must accumulate technical and behavioral skills that facilitate the communication between the client areas and solutions providers. These skills are described in the BABOK ® Guide edited by IIBA®.

Sing Your Life

(with Bob The BA)

I met Bob Prentis at the Building Business Capability Conference, many years ago. I went into a lecture right after lunch. I was tired, my stomach was full and I started to get sleepy. The speaker was not bad, but basic. Suddenly, I started to hear clapping and loud laughter coming from the next room and I thought, “I think I chose the wrong lecture today. I’m going to change rooms.” And I tried, but it was full. They stopped me at the door. “Who’s giving this talk over there?”, I asked, and they replied, “Bob The BA. He’s great! To get a seat, you should have arrived earlier.”

Since then, I never missed the opportunity to watch him whenever I had the opportunity. Bob is probably the most inspiring Key Note Speaker I know. Never limited to the obvious. Always risking doing something different to excite and motivate people.

In February of this year 2020, Bob was diagnosed with cancer at a very advanced level. His way of dealing with this was to create the SING YOUR LIFE blog to sing, tell jokes and share his life experience and his relationship with the disease in a good-humored way, and with that inspire more and more people to have a positive attitude towards life.

Thanks for the inspiration and example, Bob.

Follow Bob’s journey at https://www.singyourlife.org/

The Role of Business Analyst in UI/UX

IIBA has the potential to unite BA’s from different continents and produce a result which helps the community. Here’s my second graphical illustration video based on my Indian friend, Suhas Kerurkar, article.

As defined in the BABOK Guide, a Business Analyst must enable change by understanding the needs and recommending the most valuable solutions to stakeholders.

When analyzing a user’s needs on a product, we must put ourselves in his shoes and understand his experience to design the best interface. UX & UI are key factors for a good Business Analysis work and, consequently, to business success. Suhas Kerurkar brightly explains this using his personal story & I had the opportunity to illustrate and publish here.

Once again, thanks my friend for this international partnership.

IIBA Global Business Analysis Salary Survey

I am supporting IIBA in spreading its Global Salary Survey worldwide. The more professionals participate, the better the information we’ll all use to plan our careers and make our own decisions.

Come with me and Rosalyn Tan to support this initiative.

Take the survey at https://www.iiba.org/ and share this video with your friends.

Together we can go further.

Agility from Different Viewpoints to influence Digital Transformation

This one is not a real video, but the content of the presentation made with prezi I used at IIBA Webinar in Jun, 18, 2020, restricted to associated members only.

If you are an IIBA Member, access the IIBA website to watch the full webinar in video.

Backlog Management

Who needs to manage a backlog? Only those who have a lot to do and little time (or resources), that is, nowadays, everyone.

This video is a class that is part of the online course BABOK Guide Business Analysis produced by #thebrazilianba. Leave a comment or get in touch if you are interested and want to know more about it.

Business Analysts role in RFP

In RFP (Request For Proposal) different companies share informations about a problem or opportunity to be addressed. And Business Analysis operates in both sides of this communication.

RFP is a request in which an issuer asks responders to submit proposals demonstrating how a product or service they offer can solve the issuer’s requirements.

Read the original article from Suhas Kerurkar on witch this movie was based.

Special Note: I believe this movie is an inflexion point in The Brazilian BA trajectory. All published videos before this one, was stories I had already done in Portuguese and was simply translating to English. This one was different. Suhas, an Indian who works in Abu Dhabi (UEA), saw my videos and we became new friends in social media. We decided to create something together and this story was created based on his ideas. And I loved it.

I want to repeat that process and find more partners around the world to create interesting content.

Requirements Management

A project is expected to meet its deadline, budget and scope. But, in many cases, even if commitments are fulfilled, managers and administrators do not understand why their projects and investments fail in the main objetive: meeting the needs for which they were created.

This short video presents what is requirements management, and how this practice can help projects to be successful in achieving their goals.

The tasks of Project Management presented here are based on the BABOK Guide version 3 (IIBA – International Business Analysis Institute, 2015).

Roles Specialization

Does your organization need formal roles for Business Analyst, System Analyst, Project Manager, Quality Assurance Analyst, Tester, Enterprise Architect, Business Architect, Information Architect, Database administrator, Product Owner, Product Manager, Business Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, UX Designer, UI Designer…? (this list is endless)

In this small story I try to explain where and how specialization of roles and responsibilities are useful and how the size and maturity of organizations should align.