BBC 2019 - The Key to Business Agility

Hire the Brazilian BA to speak at your event and offer a unique experience to your audience. Good quality content in an enjoyable and entertaining approach with Brazilian passion.

Design the Adaptable Business

The key to Business Agility

“Very enlightening presenting in a highly creative way.  By far my favorite presentation.”

Amazing energy and great presentation!”

This session was great and used a unique method to display the difference between product and project

A great speaker to energize the audience on the last day. Great presentation – engaging and illustrative.”

“ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!  So so SO glad that I went to this one. Fabricio was engaging and entertaining and providing so many easy to digest ideas/suggestions/tips. Made the session so fun! Would love to attend more sessions from Fabricio!”

The most fun filled session of all.

The Agile Requirement

A new definition

“Well done! Made a difficult concept easy to understand and thank you for the singing!”

“Fabricio is an amazing presenter. He presented his material in an engaging way.”

“Great energy! And I love his accent.”

“Fabricio is delightful and when he started singing and then tying back the song to agility, it hit home for me about what agility truly means. He was wonderful using some great analogies to drive home his points. Very well done!”

“I really enjoyed the passion and up beat energy he had presenting. You can tell he enjoys what he does. Wish more presenters were like him.”

“Absolutely fantastic! In addition to presenting great concepts, there was just so much fun and creativity. I wish all presentations could be this much fun!”

“Excellent presentation. Great topic and speaker, plus all the bonuses… entertainment (singing), videos, humour, etc. My favourite session so far!!!”

With vs Without

a Fun and Easy Way to Understand Business Agility

“Great examples with games”

“Great interactive funny and got the concepts across.”

“Fabricio methods were both lighthearted and spot on.  He entertained and educated.  Best of the conference I saw.”

Star Wars Episode IV – A new hope

Business Analysis Core Concepts applied

“It’s a fun session 😉 Pick up more comments from the attendees.”

“A fun approach to stakeholder analysis.”

“I actually love how the BACCM that is usually just a diagram was so well developed through a fun story.”

“I loved that it was fast-moving, didn’t bog down, but I learned the good, basic concepts.”