The BA Jam Festival – What would you do?

Have some fun with some of the most know speakers in the field of Business Analysis answers for the game “What would you do?”

Will Artificial Intelligence take my place?

For the first time, the Brazilian BA guest is not a human.

How can visual thinking help Business Analysts?

Paddy Dhanda and Grant Wright show you how to put visual thinking into practice.

Who’s to blame in Mrs. Johnson’s garden?

What is business analysis? And who is responsible to do it? A lot of projects struggles by misunderstanding the needs of the customers or deciding for sub-optimal solutions to address those needs. Business Analysis techniques and principles may help you and your business to achieve better outcomes.

The root of the problem

Does your business strive to address effects or causes of problems? The analysis of a problem and the identification of the most appropriate solution can be done in a structured and organized way. Root cause analysis is a technique that guides us to seek the true source of problems, to solve it properly and not […]