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Fabrício Laguna is recognized for his ability to enable the development of technical and behavioral professional skills in a light and easy way. With a unique approach fully aligned with the Business Analysis concepts defined by IIBA® in the BABOK Guide®, he has transformed people, organizational culture, processes, policies, business rules, strategies, decisions, organizations, and businesses.

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What is business analysis?

In a nutshell, business analysis is a mindset supported by a set of practices that help organizations transform themselves in pursuit of better business outcomes.

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About the Brazilian BA

Fabrício Laguna is the main reference for Business Analysis in Brazil.

Author and producer of videos, articles, classes, lectures, and playful content, he can explain complex things in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Fabrício Laguna

CBAP, AAC, CPOA, MBA, Computer Science Bachelor, IIBA Brazil Chapter president for over a decade. Consultant and instructor for more than 25 years working with methodology, solution development, business analysis, systems analysis, project management, business architecture, and systems architecture.

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