The Scrum Guide on a single page

An easy way to learn and share the key concepts of Scrum.

A synthesis of the Scrum Guide version 2020 by Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland.

The Scrum Guide on a Single Page was developed by Fabrício Laguna using the Concept Modeling technique to be used as a quick reference to the main concepts of the guide or for teaching and learning dynamics about Scrum.

Also available in Portuguese here.

Simple model without definitions

A concept model develops the meaning of core concepts for a domain, defines their collective structure, and specifies the appropriate vocabulary needed to communicate about it consistently.

A complete model with definitions

It can be presented graphically or textually and must contain a Glossary of definitions for each noun term used.

In this version, we can see the verb concepts and the glossary definitions for the nouns concepts on the same picture.

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