How Can Business Analysis Support Successful Change?

Heather Mylan-Mains presents business analysis as a critical component of any organization that seeks to thrive in a constantly change.

According to Heather, a business analysis professional, every project or initiative she works on involves change, whether it is a change in process, software system, organizational structure, or even something as small as a field on a screen. Change is inevitable, but it can be challenging for some individuals to adapt. This is where business analysis comes in to support and facilitate the process of change.

The human aspect of change

However, Heather notes that often, organizations neglect to consider the human element involved in change. Business analysis professionals may spend a lot of time validating and selecting change, but the people impacted by the change are often left out of the process. It is therefore critical to consider how individuals will react to change and how to minimize any negative impacts on their work and well-being.

The Role of Business Analysis in Change

Business analysis professionals are not only tasked with completing tasks and ensuring compliance but also with facilitating change management. They must recognize that the organization is continually evolving, and employees must adapt accordingly. Heather emphasizes that organizations must be nimble and adaptable, and business analysis professionals can help by utilizing the tools and techniques outlined in the BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge).

In a typical project, various stakeholders play different roles, bringing their unique viewpoints and perspectives to the initiative. Business analysis professionals must take into account all these viewpoints when supporting change. Understanding the stakeholders and their needs is key to facilitating effective change management.

Change can be stressful and cause anxiety for some individuals. Business analysis professionals must be empathetic and understand the individuals’ reactions to change. Heather advises that business analysis professionals should focus on stakeholder analysis, understanding the people, and considering their roles and experience with the system or process.


Business analysis plays a vital role in supporting change management in organizations. The human element involved in change should be a critical consideration, and business analysis professionals must recognize and address it. Organizations must be adaptable, and business analysis professionals can facilitate this by utilizing the tools and techniques outlined in the BABOK. Understanding stakeholders and their perspectives is key to supporting change management effectively.

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