Sustainability Requirements: a new concept in Business Analysis

Stefan Bossuwé and Ines Vanlangendonck discuss the topic of sustainability requirements and how that may be applied in a BA perspective.

Do you know the significance of sustainability requirements in the field of business analysis? In this episode of The Brazilian BA Guest, we delved into the main concepts and explored how sustainability fits into the model of requirements. Join us as we uncover the role of business analysts in shaping a sustainable future.

Understanding Sustainability

To begin our exploration, Ines Vanlangendonck provided an insightful overview of sustainability. She emphasized the need to grasp the broad range of topics associated with sustainability, highlighting its implications for collaboration and the economy. Ines referred to the planetary boundaries model, developed by the Stockholm Resilience Institute, as a valuable resource for understanding the impact of human activity and the economy on natural systems. From hardware and software considerations to social aspects, sustainability encompasses various dimensions that demand our attention.

Sustainability Requirements in the Model of Requirements

Turning our focus to the role of business analysts, I asked Stefan Bossuwé about the integration of sustainability requirements within the existing model of requirements. Stefan, known as the holistic BA, shed light on the evolution of requirement categories and the recent addition of sustainable requirements. He discussed the significance of well-being and inclusivity as keywords associated with sustainability requirements. By aligning with an organization’s sustainability strategy, these requirements ensure that a change initiative considers the well-being of both people and the planet.

The Holistic Approach

Stefan emphasized the holistic nature of sustainability requirements and how they intertwine with business requirements, stakeholder requirements, and solution requirements. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the impact of change initiatives on sustainability.

Engaging with Sustainability

Toward the end of the interview, Stefan and Ines shared an exciting opportunity for further engagement with sustainability in business analysis. They invited viewers to join the Coffee Corner conversation at the upcoming BA&Beyond conference in Belgium. The conference will offer a platform for in-depth discussions, interactions, and knowledge sharing. Stefan and Ines encouraged online participants to connect with them on LinkedIn for more information and interesting links related to sustainability.

Final thoughts

As business analysts, we have the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future by considering the well-being of people and the planet in our change initiatives. By engaging in discussions and conferences like BA&Beyond, we can deepen our knowledge and collaborate with like-minded professionals to drive positive change. Let’s embrace sustainability as a fundamental pillar of our work in business analysis.


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