BA Leadership Talks: Interview with Fabricio Laguna

Olga Cherkasova, president of the IIBA Belarus Chapter interviews Fabricio Laguna as part of a series with the most recognized world BA thought leaders.

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Originally published by IIBA Belarus Chapter on a LinkedIn post

The “BA Leadership Talks” project showcases a collection of remarkable and motivational stories about the career beginnings of individuals who have now emerged as leaders in the international community. 🌍

🤔 Do you have any thoughts on the significant detail that ties all of these stories together?

The common thread among all these stories is the passion for business analysis and the value it brings to an organization.

Our new guest started his career as a programmer, working on a system for a publishing company in Brazil.
Nevertheless, life is an incredibly unpredictable entity, and at some point in time, he had to take on the responsibility of conducting user interviews and composing project specifications. It was right at that moment when our guest had to discover their aptitude for connecting with others, comprehending their needs, and developing in the realm of business analysis.

This led to him becoming the inaugural certified business analysis professional in Latin America, assuming the presidency of the Brazilian chapter of IIBA, and launching his own YouTube channel tailored specifically for business analysts.
Awesome, right?

🔥Let us introduce Fabricio Laguna, ex-president of IIBA Brazil, Senior Advisor at IIBA, Business Consultant, Teacher, and Professional Speaker. Fabricio also has his own YouTube channel – the Brazilian BA, where he creates engaging and insightful videos on Business Analysis. 

📅 On September 14th on the IIBA Belarus YouTube channel Fabrício Laguna told us:

✍️ Some tips for staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends in business analysis.

✍️ His opinion on whether ChatGPT could potentially substitute business analysts entirely.

✍️ If it is more crucial to have technical proficiency or strong communication skills and the capability to express and understand thoughts clearly.

✍️ Guidance for business analysts looking to enhance their personal brand on social media: key steps to success, establishing a strong presence, finding motivation, and attracting a large number of followers.

✍️ The main value of IIBA’s international community. And many other great points

🦸 The interviewer is Olga Cherkasova – president at IIBA Belarus Chapter and Transformation Manager at Jabil.

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