Agile and Nimble: Insights from the Brazilian BA’s Tales

Discover ‘Agile and Nimble’ through tales blending personal stories with organizational strategy.

The Brazilian BA shared a fascinating story at the World Agility Forum 2023 in Lisbon, illustrating the essence of Agile and Nimble in both personal and organizational contexts.

Grandpa Americo’s Encounter
The narrative begins with an anecdote about the speaker’s grandfather, Grandpa Americo, on a crowded train in Brazil. This story transitions from a missed romantic encounter to a tense moment with a notorious murderer, showcasing the unpredictability of life and the importance of quick thinking.

The Principle of Nimble in Organizations
Drawing parallels between this personal story and organizational dynamics, the speaker introduces the concept of ‘Nimble’ – the ability of organizations to quickly and precisely sense and respond to changes. This concept is contrasted with ‘Agile,’ which is often associated with specific methodologies and practices.

Language and Thought
Exploring the nuances of language, the speaker delves into the Portuguese interpretations of ‘to be,’ connecting it with the concept of organizational nimbleness and agility. This linguistic analysis underscores the impact of language on thought and decision-making processes.

The Story of Pingo and the Jaguar
Another story shared is that of ‘Pingo,’ a dog outsmarting a jaguar, further emphasizing the theme of nimbleness of mind over physical agility.

Applying Nimbleness in Management
The talk concludes with a focus on how these principles apply to business management. The speaker discusses the Being Nimble Research conducted by the International Institute of Business Analysis on organizational nimbleness and encourages the audience to engage in a collaborative problem-solving exercise, highlighting the practical application of these concepts.

The session ended with an interactive activity, driving home the message of adaptability and collaboration in the face of challenges.

For those interested in exploring the intersection of personal stories and organizational strategy, the full video provides a rich and engaging perspective. You can also hire the Brazilian BA to present this and other presentations at your event.