Being Nimble in Business: Insights from the BBC Conference

Gain insights into business becoming nimble and the role of business analysis on it with Filip Hendrickx, direct from the Building Business Capability conference.

In this special episode of “The Brazilian BA Guest”, we are broadcasting live from the Building Business Capability (BBC) conference in Orlando, Florida, USA, one of the most significant business analysis conferences worldwide to understand how Business Analysis helps an organization to be nimble.

Our guest, Filip Hendrickx, joins us to discuss the concept of nimbleness in business and the importance of building capabilities that support agility and rapid response to change.

Susan Moore, from IIBA, joined us to talk about the importance of a community to foster a learning environment.

Understanding Capabilities

A capability, as Filip Hendrickx explains, is an organization’s ability to perform certain functions. For example, publishing videos is a capability that includes sub-capabilities like planning, recording, editing, and promotion. It’s crucial to distinguish between the “ability” (the action itself) and the “capacity” (the extent to which the action is performed, such as the number of videos produced weekly).

The Role of Nimble

Nimble, according to the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), is the scalable capability to sense and respond to change with speed and precision. This involves recognizing changes in the environment and adjusting processes, systems, and strategies accordingly. The focus is not only on quick reactions but also on making accurate adjustments to maintain relevance and serve customers effectively.

Doing Business Analysis and Being Nimble

Business analysis plays a crucial role in being nimble. It involves understanding the current state of an organization, envisioning the desired future state, and plotting the course between them. Analysis techniques help businesses comprehend changes and devise effective responses, making business analysis essential for organizations striving to be nimble.

The Nimble Workshop

During the BBC conference, Filip Hendrickx and Fabrício Laguna conducted a workshop to demonstrate the concept of being nimble. The exercise used balloons to symbolize unforeseen changes, with participants needing to sense and respond without predefined rules. The experience emphasized the importance of creativity and adaptability in reacting to change, highlighting the value of business analysis in navigating such challenges.

During the workshop, groups had to discuss different strategies and BA techniques to deal with the main barriers to performing the best work. The final result was presented in a dynamic Business Analysis Roller Coaster in the Orlando Theme Parks style.

Check out the BA roller coaster to feel the excitement of that workshop.

The Value of Conferences

The BBC conference, along with others like the BA and Beyond Conference, provides practitioners with insights into the evolving role of business analysis and the emergence of new practices. These events offer opportunities to connect with peers, learn from real-world experiences, and become part of a supportive community.

Building a Community

Susan Moore, Community Engagement Manager at the IIBA talks about how IIBA and other business analysis organizations facilitate communities where professionals can share experiences and knowledge. From local chapters to online platforms, these communities offer accessible ways for individuals to engage, learn, and grow in their careers.

Key takeway

To build a nimble organization, it’s essential to understand capabilities, adapt to change efficiently and leverage business analysis. Conferences like BBC and communities foster growth and provide opportunities to learn, connect, and become more nimble in the ever-changing business landscape.

Being Nimble - live from the Building Business Capability 2024

Being Nimble – live from the Building Business Capability 2024

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