What is Business Analysis?

I published this video in 2013 to explain BA to C-Level.

BABOK Guide was there in version 2 (now 3 since 2015), but the message in the video still remains relevant.

The voice you hear is from my friend Maureen McVey and the logo is from my company in Brazil, Gigante Consultoria. It took seven years until I decide to create more videos in English using the brand #thebrazilianba.

About the Business Analysis: The discipline of Business Analysis develops in professionals the ability to analyze a problem from multiple perspectives and consider several possible solutions based on a realistic cost-benefit analysis, consistent with the organization’s strategic vision.

The main focus of BA is to ensure the return on investments in projects undertaken in organizations using appropriate techniques to identify and analyze problems and to propose the most appropriate solution for each situation.

To play well the role of Business Analyst, a professional must accumulate technical and behavioral skills that facilitate the communication between the client areas and solutions providers. These skills are described in the BABOK ® Guide edited by IIBA®.

Requirements Management

A project is expected to meet its deadline, budget and scope. But, in many cases, even if commitments are fulfilled, managers and administrators do not understand why their projects and investments fail in the main objetive: meeting the needs for which they were created.

This short video presents what is requirements management, and how this practice can help projects to be successful in achieving their goals.

The tasks of Project Management presented here are based on the BABOK Guide version 3 (IIBA – International Business Analysis Institute, 2015).