Sing Your Life

(with Bob The BA)

I met Bob Prentis at the Building Business Capability Conference, many years ago. I went into a lecture right after lunch. I was tired, my stomach was full and I started to get sleepy. The speaker was not bad, but basic. Suddenly, I started to hear clapping and loud laughter coming from the next room and I thought, “I think I chose the wrong lecture today. I’m going to change rooms.” And I tried, but it was full. They stopped me at the door. “Who’s giving this talk over there?”, I asked, and they replied, “Bob The BA. He’s great! To get a seat, you should have arrived earlier.”

Since then, I never missed the opportunity to watch him whenever I had the opportunity. Bob is probably the most inspiring Key Note Speaker I know. Never limited to the obvious. Always risking doing something different to excite and motivate people.

In February of this year 2020, Bob was diagnosed with cancer at a very advanced level. His way of dealing with this was to create the SING YOUR LIFE blog to sing, tell jokes and share his life experience and his relationship with the disease in a good-humored way, and with that inspire more and more people to have a positive attitude towards life.

Thanks for the inspiration and example, Bob.

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