BA Brew 28: The Business Analysis Mindset

Debra Paul and Christina Lovelock chat in the BA Brew Podcast with Fabrício Laguna about their vision on the Business Analysis Mindset.

Debra Paul

Originally posted by Debra Paul on BA Brew Podcast
Managing Director, AssistKD

Today’s chat over a brew is all about the BA mindset. Debbie, Christina, and Fabricio discuss how the BA mindset extends much further than the business analyst role.

Topics include curiosity and thinking analytically; how SWOT analysis has escaped professional boundaries; the danger of action for action’s sake and the value of sharing the BA mindset with others.

Christina Lovelock is co-author of Delivering Business Analysis: The BA Service Handbook.

AssistKD provides business training, apprenticeships, and consultancy services throughout the UK and internationally.

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