Business Analysis is not a role. BA is a mindset.

PRESENTATION: The Brazilian BA uses interactive video and live music to engage and illustrate how the Business Analysis Mindset is available to any professional

Develop the Business Analysis Mindset and Became a business-driven professional

About this presentation

Of course, there is the role of the business analyst and its contribution to improving organizations’ business results can be extreme. But adopting a role is just one of the possible strategies for developing business analysis skills in an organization. The “business analyst” is not important. The “Business Analysis” is what matters.

When the business analysis is presented as the exclusive practice of a specific role, its scope is reduced and its value is questionable.

Business analysis is in everything we do. The constant practice of the concepts and techniques disseminated by IIBA in the BABOK Guide changes the way of thinking and seeing the world. Any professional can benefit from this. Regardless of their position or function.

This presentation was a spotlight session at BBC 2022

Listen to stories of business analysis and become a diffuser of this mindset.

Learning objectives

  1. The true value of business analysis.
  2. Different approaches to practicing BA.
  3. How to develop a business analysis mindset.

Real comments from the audience

“Very lively and musical!!!”

“I laughed, I sang, I loved the session.”

“Entertaining and great thought put into what a mindset is and what the other areas are that touch business (project management, agile).”

“Excellent presenter, presentation, and topic. Loved It!”

“The energy was great and I really like the different approach to presenting. Seem to really care about the topic.”

“Fabricio represents the enthusiasm and excitement you should have for the entire conference! He’s thoughtful and funny. Loved it – loved when he was in other meetings. He should be the keynote next time.”

“One of the best sessions in the conference.”


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