Business Case Expresso

WORKSHOP: simple techniques to focus on real business needs and stimulate the creativity of your stakeholders.

Business Case Expresso

Enable change with OUTCOMES definition using a collaborative and agile approach.

About this workshop

A golden rule: “Understand the real need before proposing a solution”.

Although everyone recognizes this rule, a lot of enterprises still start with a specific defined solution for an unknown need. There is a misunderstanding of the value of the BA, seen as a contract generator that must define all the OUTPUTS to be delivered by a development team. In the end, dissatisfied customers complain: “This solution does not solve my need”. The development team is unhappy: “Need? What need? We did exactly what was asked.” Result: dissatisfied customers and developers.

This situation must change.

An executive view of any enterprise must make the current situation clear and describe the OUTCOMES expected. Detailed scope, budgets, and plans are only made later, incrementally and with the collaboration and creativity of the development team who must take responsibility for reaching OUTCOMEs instead of OUTPUTs.

Learning objectives

  1. How to represent requirements in the form of OUTCOMEs instead of OUTPUTs
  2. Techniques to understand and represent the current situation and the desired situation in a collaborative way
  3. How to sell a change to the executive team
Fabrício Laguna speaking at BBC 2022 - Enabling change with OUTCOMES definition
This as a Tutorial at BBC 2022

Real comments from the audience

“I loved the fresh spin that Fabricio put on the topic. Outcomes, not outputs.”

“I love the passion in the room! Fabricio is always entertaining and provides actual practices that can be utilized right away.”

“I appreciated the interactive aspect of this session.”

“The class was engaging and I appreciate how the instructor approached the tutorial with levity.”

“Fun time with excellent content! Relatable.”

“Good balance between instruction and hands-on.”

“Provided great insight into the way to get to the bottom of a request for a project.”

“Fabricio is a very engaging speaker. I found the material to be extremely helpful and thought-provoking.”


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Fabrício Laguna

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