“Real needs” investigation – elicitation techniques applied

WORKSHOP: The Business Analyst is encouraged to take responsibility for identifying the “real” problems and opportunities and enabled to do it using the right elicitation technique for each situation.

About this workshop

The term “elicitation” means to bring out, or expose. The requirements of a project are often hidden and must be elicited so that they can be understood, analyzed, and validated by all stakeholders.

To act as a Business Analyst, the professional must be able to obtain this information from different elicitation techniques. Many of those will involve a complexity of communication and consideration of cultural, behavioral, and psychological factors.

This practical workshop applies concepts throw case studies that allow the student to apply the techniques during the course, thus increasing assimilation and memorization.

The instructor makes use of theatrical techniques of role-playing characters to simulate interview and meeting situations.

Take responsibility for identifying “real” problems and opportunities using the investigative elicitation techniques presented in this workshop.

Learning objectives – What you will learn

  • Encourage the Business Analyst to take responsibility for identifying the “real” problems and opportunities.
  • Conducting investigative elicitation techniques.
  • Experience and learn how to deal with communication problems with different profiles of respondents in case studies with characters played by the instructor.


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Fabrício Laguna

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