The Future of Business Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

PRESENTATION: A multimedia exciting presentation with music, dance, the live participation of ChatGPT as a real character, and a plot twist final exploring the exciting possibilities and challenges of business analysis in the age of AI.

Trends, concerns, warnings, and recommendations for the usage of AI in BA

About this presentation

The advancement of AI technology will have an impact on all organizations. What does that mean for the role business analysis professionals play in improving business outcomes? What is new and showing promise? Will these tools help encourage or hinder human connections?

As an article writer and YouTuber, Fabrício Laguna has been one of the leading voices in the BA community demonstrating the possible usage of ChatGPT as a tool for Business Analysis work. In his articles, he demonstrates how AI can improve productivity and leverage the power of analysis in different study cases. In his videos, he talks to ChatGPT as if it was a real person throw an avatar created by Synthesia, another AI tool.

But AI has also limitations and its usage raises technical, legal, and ethical questions that must take place in any business analysis effort. The content of this presentation brings insights into this rapidly evolving AI technology field and what it means for you and your organization. The format in which it is presented with video interactions, live dancing and storytelling involves the audience who is filled with energy as in a theatrical performance.

Learning objectives – What you will learn

  • Presenting an interesting and informative perspective for the future of BA using AI.
  • Create an impact and good vibes for the coming forward event.
  • Develop a mood of community and engagement for attendees to feel part of this community and interact personally.

This presentation was the Keynote opening session at BBC 2023 in partnership with Susan Moore and Scott Bennett

Real comments from the audience

  • “Such a fun and informative session and an excellent speaker.”
  • “The most engaging and interesting session in the whole conference.”
  • “Fabricio was brilliant in this keynote. His preparation was exceptional (and a lot of work!) and he played the part he created beautifully.”
  • “I cannot say enough positive things about the ingenuity of Fabricio’s take on Chat GPT! Wonderful!”
  • “Great! Creative! Fun!”
  • “Fabricio is always entertaining while still providing relevant information.”
  • “Enlightening & Entertaining. We were edutained!”
  • “Very well-spoken group with lots of humor and relatable discussion. Great session to open the conference.”


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Fabrício Laguna

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