Embracing Change through Dance: The BA Boogie

The dance, which comprises three distinct steps, shares a fun and fresh way that business analysis professionals can look at their work.

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At the recent World Agility Forum (WAF) 2023 in Lisbon, an enlightening talk titled “Being Nimble – Adapt or Die” captured the audience’s imagination. Fabrício Laguna highlighted the transformative power of dance as a metaphor for adapting to change and complexity in the business world.

The Essence of Dancing in Adaptation:
The talk began with an intriguing perspective on the importance of dance. Fabrício shared a historical reference from Brazil, where slaves used dance as a form of silent resistance and liberation. This led to the creation of ‘Capoeira,’ a dance that doubled as a martial art. The speaker drew a parallel between this and the need to ‘dance with change’ in the business environment.

The BA Boogie: A Tool for Business Analysis:
A central part of the talk was the introduction of the ‘BA Boogie,’ a dance created by Susan Moore. This dance was used as a practical tool for understanding business analysis at her keynote with Scott Bennet and Fabricio Laguna at BBC 2023 on The Future of Business Analysis with Artificial Intelligence in Las Vegas. The speaker demonstrated the dance, emphasizing its three main movements, each symbolizing a key aspect of business analysis: the current state, the future state, and the gap between them.

Current State – Understanding the Present:
The first movement of the BA Boogie represents the ‘current state,’ urging business analysts to understand their present situation, processes, business rules, and culture. This foundational step is crucial for any effective analysis.

Future State – Visioning Success:
The second movement symbolizes the ‘future state,’ a vision of where the business aims to be. Although this future can be uncertain and blurry, it provides a direction and sets goals.

The Gap – Bridging the Present and Future:
Finally, the ‘gap’ is represented in the dance as the space between the current and future states. This gap highlights the potential for growth and the need to bridge the present with the future through strategic actions.

The session concluded with an interactive segment where attendees were encouraged to join in the BA Boogie. This not only reinforced the concepts taught but also demonstrated how dance can be a powerful metaphor for embracing and leading change in the business world.

To experience the full depth of this insightful talk and learn the BA Boogie yourself, watch the full video (above).

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