BA Insight Series – Season 2, Episode 3: Fabricio Laguna

As part of a series of interviews with BA thought leaders, John Wisner talks to Fabrício Laguna to understand his journey and contributions to the BA Community.

John Wisner

Originally published by John Wisner in a Linked Post
Managing Principal Consultant at Capco, Business Analysis Capability Lead and BA of the Year Finalist 2022

I was pleased to have met, Fabricio Laguna, Consultant, instructor, and founder of The Brazilian BA. Brazil-based Fabrício Laguna hosts three different YouTube channels (FabricioLaguna, TheBrazilianBA, IIBABrasil), was IIBA Brazil Chapter president between 2012 and 2022, and currently is a Senior Advisor to the President and CEO of the IIBA.

At the time of the meeting, Fabricio had just returned from speaking and representing the IIBA at FOBA (The Festival of Business Analysis). This was on behalf of Australia’s IIBA chapter, which is country-wide and is the largest (by coverage) in the world.

Fabricio’s path into Business Analysis, took him on a journey that included Theatre group at university, being a programmer and owning his own software house, gaining his MBA and into a position being responsible for requirements. His communication capabilities led to him becoming a trainer, where he helped others learn about Java, object-orientated analysis, software engineering and requirements engineering. Taking his IIBA certification in 2008 helped him learn formal BA concepts, adopt more common vocabulary concerning his analysis and, help him organise his analysis approach. He used this new-found structure as a platform to join the Brazil BA chapter and become their president, where he led the community for 12 years, from 2010. He has instigated IIBA product development and an emphasis on the BA mindset.

Thanks to some free time, courtesy of Covid, Fabricio started to provide online BA courses and sharing videos and articles using the name The Brazilian BA. He is a respected leader in the Americas BA community. Led the translation to Portuguese of the BABOK Guide versions 2 and 3, the BA Standard between other publications. He currently, hosts over 400 videos on YouTube (on BA of course!) In Portuguese and English.

I was interested to hear Fabricio share his view on organizations that may not have the formal BA role, but do conduct BA activities, whether as consultants, product owners, scrum master or similar. As such, it’s important to recognize the importance of the Business Analysis mentality and methodologies, which can be developed at all levels or roles in the organization. PMs, Development leads, Architects and even the CEO, can all benefit from adopting a BA mindset and embedding a BA culture. For example, a CEO who can embrace the Business Analysts’ ability to cultivate the sharing of opinions, represent their stakeholders’ needs and promote curiosity amongst their employees, will benefit. I’m glad I used my own BA mindset in reaching out to Fabricio!

Key Takeaways:

  • Review and share the content on BA mindset at The Brazilian BA (YouTube &
  • Explore how the BA mindset can transcend the formal role title and be recognized as a valued skillset, across our clients and job roles.