The Outcome-Driven Mindset

PRESENTATION: Embark on a journey to learn how to become nimble in a fun and engaging cinema movie quiz game.

The Outcome-Driven Mindset

About this presentation

We’ll be delving into the transformative shift from an Output-Driven mindset to a holistic approach driven by Business Analysis.  

In a fun and dynamic quiz game based on best-selling movie pictures, we’ll discover how individuals, when immersed in the practice of Business Analysis, transcend mere task completion and embrace a value-oriented perspective.  

Witness the profound impact on organizational culture as an Outcome-Driven mindset becomes the cornerstone, fostering adaptability and continuous improvement.  

Explore how this mindset cultivates a workforce attuned to the big picture, enabling them to navigate change with unprecedented speed and precision. 

With illustrations from Lud Toussaint. 

Learning objectives – What you will learn

  • Change your mind to become nimble.
  • Embrace a value-oriented perspective behavior.
  • Develop a new culture driven by Business Analysis practices.