How to Create a Concept Model

WORKSHOP: Learn how to create Concept Model Diagrams and Glossaries from practical study cases with best practices and tips.

Concept Model: Dont be ashamed to ask the meaning of words.

Use a Concept Model to promote clear communication.

About this presentation

The lack of clear definitions is the Achilles’ heel of data quality. The unequivocal understanding of information received from another party depends on the establishment of a common language, with terms and meanings shared in consensus. Concept Modeling is the right technique to create this shared vocabulary.

A concept model starts with a glossary, which usually focuses on the main noun concepts in a domain, and goes on to define the verbs that relate these nouns. Concept models value high-quality definitions, independent of design, and are free from data modeling or implementation bias. They serve as the basis for mutual understanding and provide the foundation for the application of other business analysis, requirements modeling, and business rules techniques.

A concept model identifies the correct choice of terms to use in communications. It is especially important when precise and fine distinctions are needed.

Fabrício has a special way of teaching it, using study cases and practical exercises that will put you in a real situation where this technique can be applied and repeated in your business.

Learning objectives – What you will learn

  • Apply a technique capable of collecting knowledge and obtaining consensus among stakeholders from different areas on the main terms related to the business.
  • Define the business vocabulary that will be used in requirements, business rules, and data models.


Fabrício Laguna

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