Left or Right

What is the difference between Left or Right wing policies?

In this video I used the technique of Concept Modeling to explain my personal understanding about this concepts.

I strongly recommend everyone to understand the pros and cons of each side and to avoid extremist positions. The best way is on the search for a balance.

You may have a different understanding on this subject. Please share your perspective in the comments bellow. I will be glad to hear from you.

Thanks to my friend Phil Schol by the revision on the English version.

Effective Communication

Communicating clearly and unambiguously is an art. But it needs to be more than that, it needs to be a science.

Professional organizations cannot be at the mercy of the fact that everything that is implied in a message is properly “guessed” by their interlocutors.

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Techniques such as Concept Modeling, shown in this video, and others for modeling requirements and business rules can greatly reduce ambiguity and increase the effectiveness of business communication.

Note: The example presented in this video is from the book Business Knowledge Blueprints, written by Ronald Ross, Business Rules Solutions (BRS).