Business Agility – With vs Without

PRESENTATION: Understand what agility really means by comparing businesses WITH and WITHOUT agility. Where does your company fit in?

About this presentation

Do you know what business agility means?

A revolution is underway and businesses that don’t adapt will soon become obsolete. Driven by the new opportunities offered by Information Technology, organizations are reinventing themselves, occupying new spaces, and leaving old competitors out of the market. Those that take longer to innovate will soon become obsolete.

The software development area has strongly collaborated with innovative practices and ways of working within a movement based on the Manifesto for Agile Software Development (2001, The values ​​presented in this manifesto revolutionized the way of thinking and making software, and the agile movement spread beyond the borders of IT and software development projects. But techniques and methods focused on projects for software development are not enough to give agility to an entire organization. The business cannot depend on software projects to innovate and transform itself. The business needs to be adaptable.

Another group of experts not focused on software, but on processes, rules, and business architecture, prepared the Business Agility Manifesto (2017,, Burlton, Ross and Zachman) presenting the basic principles to be followed by organizations that want to stay relevant in the knowledge age.

With a multimedia content of approximately 50 minutes, Fabrício Laguna exemplifies each of these principles in a fun, didactic, and easy-to-understand way, comparing how companies WITH and WITHOUT agility behave.

Learning objectives

  • Understand what agility really means and the difference between being agile in projects and in business.
  • Identify how businesses WITH and WITHOUT agility behave and where your business fits.
  • Guide analysts and consultants to design business solutions that are aligned with the organization’s strategy and adaptable.

Real comments from the audience

“Great examples with games”

“Great interactive funny and got the concepts across.”

“Fabricio methods were both lighthearted and spot on. He entertained and educated. Best of the conference I saw.”


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Fabrício Laguna

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