Developing the nimble characteristics – Adapt or Die

PRESENTATION: Concepts and examples are explained and demonstrated to make everyone rethink their believes about management and the key role of Business Analysis to create an adaptable business.

About this presentation

To survive in the current competitive business environment an organization must develop the capability to sense changes and respond adequately in small learning cycles based on a clear business vision. Implementing an Agile framework or methodology is not enough. The organization’s task force must be business-driven, empowered to take decisions, and enabled with the correct skills and structure.

In this presentation:

  • storytelling explains the difference between Agile and Nimble;
  • practical and engaging group exercise feeds the nimble mind while building interactive connections between participants;
  • a live experiment simulates an organization’s evolution and demonstrates how the Business Analysis Mindset can offer the 8 characteristics of a nimble organization.

Learning objectives – What you will learn

  • Develop collaboration and connections in practical and fun exercises.
  • Understand what means to be nimble and its importance.
  • Identify and learn how to develop the characteristics of a nimble organization using the BA Mindset.
Presentation of the nimble characteristics during BBC 2023 in Las Vegas, USA

Real comments from the audience

  • “So far, the best of all. Fun and meaningful.”
  • “Fun session, and a great application of concepts.”
  • “Fabricio is awesome! I love his energy and his knowledge. Please continue to bring him back!”


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Fabrício Laguna

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