BACCM Canvas – Episode IV A new hope

FLASH WORKSHOP: The BA core concepts are applied to a practical case study in a very interactive session based on the Star Wars movie.

Business Analysis Core Concepts applied

About this flash workshop

The Business Analysis Core Concepts Model (BACCM) is presented in a hands-on workshop.

The presenter uses a specific moment from the Star Wars series to invite everyone to fill in a canvas that goes through each of the 6 BA core concepts in a fun and illustrative way from the perspective of different characters from the saga.

Learning objectives

  • Differentiate the six Business Analysis core concepts;
  • Facilitate the understanding of an initiative using the BACCM framework;
  • Understand that any analysis depends on the point of view, the moment, and the context in which it occurs.
BACCM Canvas – Episode IV A new hope during the Serendipity Festival

Real comments from the audience

“It’s a fun session 😉 Pick up more comments from the attendees.”

“A fun approach to stakeholder analysis.”

“I actually love how the BACCM which is usually just a diagram was so well developed through a fun story.”

“I loved that it was fast-moving, didn’t bog down, but I learned the good, basic concepts.”


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Fabrício Laguna

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